New Patients Welcome!

Health Insurance is a contract between YOU and YOUR INSURANCE CARRIER. Our office will submit electronically, insurance information submitted to our office by you, the patient. Health Care Insurance is intended to cover a portion, but not all, of the costs of your medical care treatment. Failure to provide correct Insurance Information at the time of Services (including your insurance card) may directly result in your having to pay additional out of pocket costs. ALL Copays are due at the time of  service. Most plans including Medicare include a deductible or co-insurance/copay amount deemed patient responsibility by the insurance carrier. Some patients have secondary policies to cover the co-pay or 20% patient responsibility due. Some plans pay for “Preventative Treatment” and others only pay for “Sick Visits”.  Our office will electronically submit claims to your primary insurance company. If they fail to respond after our 3rd attempt, it then becomes patient responsibility. Failure to give us your most current and/or accurate insurance information at the time of service will delay claims and cause larger patient responsibility. Please contact our Billing Office or Office Manager if you have any insurance questions. Please be prepared to present your insurance cards at each visit to ensure accuracy.

Accepted Insurance Plans: (including but not limited to)
Medicare Part B
AARP Medicare Complete
Blue Medicare

PPO Commercial Plans: (PPO/HMO Plans- including but not limited to)
United Healthcare PPO/HMO
Cigna PPO
BlueCross PPO/HMO (select plans only)
Florida Blue PPO (select plans only)
Humana PPO (select plans only) also incurs higher out of pocket at times

HMO Products (limited)  Careplus, AARP Medicare, United Healthcare HMO, Aetna HMO, Florida Blue HMO. Please speak to your insurance carrier and make sure Dr. Shields is designated as Primary Care Provider and in network to insure continuity of care. If Dr. Shields is not the PCP (Primary Care Physician) of record, you cannot receive services in our office until he has been designated as PCP.

Please contact your carrier to verify provider participation and network to insure continuity of care.

CASH PATIENTS: Cash Patients should be prepared to pay at time of service, when services are rendered.  Should you need a payment plan, please contact our office prior to services rendered and speak with our Administrator/Office Manager. Payment Plans are available and must be made prior to services being rendered.

Please speak with our billing office if you have additional questions.

Due to the constant changes in Medical Plans, Please help our office to assist you by making sure our Insurance Information is correct therefore reducing costs to you at every visit by presenting your insurance card. Our Patient Portal, designed for your convenience, gives you the ability to update your Address, Phone Number, Insurance Information, Pharmacy Phone Number, Emergency Contacts and other vital information at your convenience 24/7 by using the Patient Portal.

Log into our “Patient Portal” and have Secure Access to your Medical Records from the comfort of your home.