Dr. Stephen J. Shields, MD has been practicing Internal Medicine and Primary Care Medicine in the Tampa Bay area since 1988. Dr. Shields’ private practice is located at 1211 Reynolds Avenue, Suite B, in Clearwater, Florida.  His hospital affiliations include Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater and Largo Medical Center, in Largo, Florida. Stephen J. Shields, MD.  is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Path Excellence for United Healthcare Practice Award Winner
Dr.  Stephen J. Shields MD, Denise Palazzola ANP-BC, Patient Care Coordinator Trista Shepherd-RMA  & Team 

Denise Palazzola ANP,BC, Nurse Practitioner
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Denise Palazzola, MS, ANP-BC brings to our practice over 17 years of Internal Medicine Experience. Denise has her Masters of Science Degree and is an Adult Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified. Denise also has over 22 years experience as a Registered Nurse. Her expertise, knowledge, experience and compassion in Internal Medicine make her a wonderful addition to our practice.

Mission Statement: We at Stephen J. Shields, MD., PA., are committed to partnering with our patients to achieve personal wellness through compassionate modern medical care. With expertise, experience and communication, we strive to help our patients achieve their highest levels of well being.


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To speak directly to our office staff, please call us at (727) 466-6564.  Our staff is bi-lingual and Dr. Shields is fluent in Spanish as a second language.

*Se Habla Español.

Note: This page is intended for informational puposes only and does not replace direct contact with the office. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.